Review: LizzieCakes

There very few places in Tampa that create dessert that make you feel like you’re at your grandmothers. Who knew you could find one propped up in some of the busy corners in downtown Tampa!  Carlos Eats, a friend and food blogger for Tampa invited us out to taste some of the desserts from Lizziecakes LLC, a dessert truck that fancies itself with creations from the classic to the down right insanely delicious!

Some of the amazing dessert that we able to get our chomps on were:

Banana Pudding Cheesecake
Kuya’s Take:

This amazing banana pudding cheesecake. From the creamy banana pudding cream cheese, to the crispy vanilla wafers, every bite seemed like a little piece of granny’s ole cheesecake. It just seemed to melt down to just one perfect blend of banana, cream cheese, and graham cracker crust. So classic, so clean, and soooooo delicious. By far one of the best cheesecakes that we’ve ever had.

Ading’s Take:
The banana pudding cheesecake provides an interesting take on both banana pudding and a cheesecake. It has the taste of a traditional home styled banana pudding filled with banana slices, but plays a twist on the texture with that hint of cheesecake feel. The flavor of banana pudding mixed well with the addition of the vanilla wafers and graham cracker crust. Combined together the flavors and texture creates a delicious cheesecake that could easily become a classic.



A plethora of insanely good cookies. Very few  come any where near to the creations  that Lizzie had came up with. From the lip-smacking blueberry pie cookie, made with a real pie crust to the gooey marshmallow topped S’mores  cookie. However one cookie stood out above the rest, and truly put together two of the best things on this planet: chocolate and bacon. At first the cookie (pictured at the very end) seems to be like a regular chocolate chip cookie but with bacon bits baked into it! Although, the one problem with this cookie was that there wasn’t enough bacon. But hey whose to say that’s not a bad thing.

Lizziecakes has a variety of cookie flavors that are deliciously good. The first cookie we tried was the s’mores cookie. It tasted really similar to that of a traditional s’mores but less chocolaty and not some much marshmallows. It reminded me of a chocolate chip cookie with a hint of a s’mores taste. The fudge and peanut cookie seemed to have to much chocolate for my taste, but I don’t really like to much chocolate like a double chocolate cookie. If you like chocolate this cookie is a good choice to have. The peanut butter that comes with it really adds to the flavor and lives up to the name of fudge and peanut butter. The blueberry pie cookie lives up to it’s name and was the most delicious cookie I had of the group. The cookie used pie crust and blueberries in a unique way to create a delicious cookie that wasn’t to sweet. The last cookie, P.B Bacon chocolate chip cookie, was a unique and was the second best of the variety. It had the flavor of a chocolate chip cookie but the added enjoyment of bacon. The peanuts in the cookie also add a crunch of peanut flavor.

Overall: 7.5/10
Just starting out of the gate a couple months ago, Lizziecakes  is making a big splash and keeping their creations relatively cheap to other dessert trucks around Tampa. The design of the truck greatly fits the personality of the master baker herself. It  winks at the old school type of desserts that you would find in a treat shop but mix with some of the insane creations that you know you would find at home or your grandmothers house. With the creative and sometimes non-traditional methods, we expect larger and more insanely great creations coming from their truck!

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3 thoughts on “Review: LizzieCakes

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  2. Outrageous cookies and Pecan squares. Had to go to Tampa on a trip from New York. We need Lizzie’s Sweets in N.Y great job Lizzie

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